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About Alloy

Alloy Gallery is a showplace of contemporary jewelry

and the studio of Tamar Kern. Founded in 2005, Alloy Gallery strives

to present great design, expertly crafted, to enhance your feelings

of beauty and sense of style.

    "... Owned by a Rhode Island School of Design trained jewelry artist, Alloy, widely

viewed as one of the state's finest Galleries, displays contemporary wares created by the owner and her peers."  -Yankee Magazine

"I got lost in Newport looking for a store and stumbled into Alloy, which turned out to be quite possibly my best-ever serendipitous find..." rhode island

About Us

In addition to several guest artists.

Each artist has his or her own making process. Some pieces are one of a kind and some are small series or production.  All of the jewelry at Alloy Gallery is handmade by talented jewelry artists.

Thanks for checking us out! Looking forward to working with you to get the perfect piece.

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